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ConCarExpo 2017 ended with visitor record

Europe's largest international trade fair about the connected car, automated driving and IT security came to an end. About 1,500 visitors were counted. On July 5 and 6, Berlin was an international branch meeting point. At the ConCarExpo with the ConCarForum, Car Pavilion and Start-up Area, the accompanying specialist conferences as well as numerous side events, visitors were able to experience the car of the future.

„ConCarExpo2017“: The trade fair took place in Berlin on the 5th and 6th of July 2017.  (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

„ConCarExpo2017“: The trade fair took place in Berlin on the 5th and 6th of July 2017. (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

Running under the motto "Connected Car & Mobility Solutions", ConCarExpo 2017 united more than 1,500 visitors and over 80 exhibitors from all over the world. With a large number of expert presentations and four parallel conferences with more than 120 speakers, it created a knowledge-sharing platform. The focus was on the core issue of digitalization as a key on the road to fully automated and networked driving. Over the course of two days ConCarExpo 2017 did showcase the trends and active players that will be shaping the automotive sector in the future.

The automotive industry is undergoing a comprehensive revolution. This disruption takes place in three dimensions: digitization (from the automobile with the human being as a driver to fully connected autonomous driving vehicles), sustainability (from the combustion engine to the electric drive), urbanization (from ownership to shared mobility). This is the opinion of Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer at Volkswagen AG, who opened with this statement the ConCarExpo 2017 in its keynote-speech at the ConCarForum. "This will lead to a similar progress in society and, above all, to an increase in our live realty as the change from horses to cars has done over 100 years ago," Jungwirth said. He was confident in his visions.
 „This change will not take place until 2030 or 2035, but the new world will be shaped over the next three to five years. While in the past hundred years, the engine was the heart of the automobile and the driver was the brain, in this century, the self-driving-system is the heart and the mobility platform its brain. In this respect, the automobile and mobility will be newly invented. Despite the immense challenge, there are clear advantages: higher security, an immense time saving, more viable cities, more comfort; In short: an opportunity to significantly improve life. In particular, the Volkswagen Company is preparing for this change. This will bring the company forward from a car manufacturer to a mobility provider, with the mentality and agility of the Silicon Valley.

The change of the OEMs within this revolution and their role in the future was also the central topic of this year's international press conference. The question was: "Facing the Challenge - Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry - Do car manufacturers have to become Mobility & IT Service Providers?". The answer was discussed by the following participants:

•    Henry Bzeih, Managing Director Connected & Mobility Division, Kia Motors America
•    Thierry Klein, Head of Innovation Management for Verticals, Nokia Innovation Steering
•    Claudio M. Camacho, Head of Marketing, Tuxera Inc.
•    Roland Werner, Head of Government Affairs & Policy DACH, Uber
•    Martin Hauschild, Head of Traffic and Environment Expert Advisory Board VDI/Head of Mobility Technologies, BMW AG

All participants agreed in their reply. OEMs will change and expand their business models. The customer is becoming increasingly important.
"Digital transformation and the transformation of traditional business models go much further than the evolution of the technologies," said moderator Martin Hauschild (VDI/BMW). "It touches aspects of the expectations and values of consumers. On the one hand, the issues are about the way in which society consumes products, but on the other hand, these issues are also deeply embedded in the values and working cultures of companies and markets."

Mr.Thierry Klein (Nokia) felt similar. The revolution has brought together the automotive and telecommunication sector as well as the IT sector, to develop new technologies. Now, however, it is important that these industries are collaborating with each other to develop solutions and business models so that the full potential of intelligent transportation systems can be realized.
"The automotive industry and many others were very focused on the product in the past", Henry Bzeih (KIA) stated. Today, instead, the consumer is the focus. "Connectivity, autonomous driving and mobility" play a very important pioneering role. Essentially, the focus is to move from product-centric business models to consumer-oriented models with the goal of a successful symbiosis.

At the ConCarExpo 2017, the exchange of knowledge and networks was the focus. For example, at the four international expert conferences:

However, the ConCar Forum also focused on the exchange of knowledge and networks, where representatives of exhibitors offered numerous expert presentations and panel discussions.

One core area of the ConCarExpo 2017 was the 3,000 sqm exhibition area, with more than 80 international exhibitors.

The "ConCarExpo2017" had the following exhibition areas:
•    Automated driving and driver assistance systems
•    Electronic components, control and monitoring, sensors
•    Software, Car-IT and infrastructure technologies (Cloud, Big Data Analytics)
•    Infotainment HMI, operation and display
•    Diagnostics, testing, integration, After Sales Services
•    Transport technology, infrastructure, telematics
•    Networked mobility solutions and Connected Services
•    Development services, Projects, initiatives

The car of the future, however, was not a pure theory. Some highlights were presented by the Car Pavilion, where automated, urban electric vehicles could be seen and experienced live.
The concept vehicle OASIS from Rinspeed, for example, the "smart self-propelled e-mobile for city and surrounding areas", was just one of the highlights presented in the Car Pavilion.
In addition, two-wheel mobility solutions were on the test track "first & last mile"- solutions. On a course, participants were invited to test-ride smart bikes, e-skateboards or e-micro scooters.

In the Start-up area with its own forum, young and innovative companies presented their developments for the networked vehicle of the future.
The Start-up Pitch took place during the start-up forum. In this competition, the participating companies had only a few minutes to present their latest ideas and products to a jury.
First place was one by "parkbob GmbH". The winner of the Start-up Pitch will now receive 120,000 euros of Microsoft's cloud capital as well as an invitation to Microsoft Deutschland GmbH in Munich.
Second place went to "Third Space Auto". The Start-up is now taking part in the "International Start-up Incubator and Accelerator" in Brussels.

At the ConCarExpo Hackathon, five young IT development teams created innovative solutions for various areas of mobility. After 24 hours, the results were presented on the stage of the Start-up area and the best among them were awarded.
The victorious team VeeTox won the prize worth 7,000 € with a development on the topic of collision avoidance with bicycles.

All in all, the organizer feels vindicated by the diversity of topics, outstanding contributions to the topics and, last but not least, by the positive visitor feedback in the ConCarExpo concept.
Timo Taubitz, Managing Director of VDI Wissensforum GmbH, says: "ConCarExpo is Europe's largest international trade fair on the topics of networked vehicles, automated driving and IT security. Since its successful launch in 2016, it is the most important knowledge, network and business platform in the industry. We and our guests are not only a part of the future, but we are impressively able to help shape it decisively, "said Mr. Taubitz and at the same time, he announced the continuation of the event in 2018.

For further information on the international trade fair ConCarExpo 2017 and the accompanying specialist program, please visit www.concarexpo.com as well as the VDI Wissensforum Customer Centre, PO Box 10 11 39, 40002 Düsseldorf, E-Mail: info@concarexpo.com, Phone: +49 211 6214-7049, Telefax: -167.

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