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The "intelligence" of the car comes from Finland

Many innovations of automobile developers are subject to endurance tests under extreme weather conditions. The developers prefer to do this in Finland. Less well-known is the fact that the Finns are strongly represented in the automotive and mobility sectors: they are among the global leaders in the field of digitalization and technological innovation in the area of Car-IT. That is why Finland is also partner country of the "ConCarExpo 2017" in Berlin from 5 to 6 July.

Finland is partner country of the "ConCarExpo" in Berlin, Germany on 5 to 6 July 2017. (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

Finland is partner country of the "ConCarExpo" in Berlin, Germany on 5 to 6 July 2017. (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

Automobile manufacturers see strong growth potential in the Connected-Car-Market: the vehicles of the future are digitized and networked - they interact with the driver as well as with the environment. This requires new innovative solutions and techniques. Especially here, Finland is an important global player, thanks to its advanced expertise in data analysis and mobile applications. The Scandinavians are developing new information and communication technologies for tomorrow's vehicles.

The fact that their inventions are trendsetting on the global market has a long tradition. At least since Nokia's victory in the mobile boom of the 1990s, Finland has been associated with communication technology and IT. Today, numerous companies specializing in modern solutions for intelligent vehicles have their headquarters in the Scandinavian country. The basis for this are appropriately well-trained specialists: of the only five million inhabitants, around 335,000 are IT specialists. According to this, every seventh Finn is in the IT industry, whereas only one in eleven people in Germany work in this sector. At the ConCarExpo2017, Europe's largest international trade fair on the subject of networked vehicles and automated driving, the partner country is represented by numerous exhibitors at the joint Finnish Pavilion.

Automobile manufacturers and digital media companies are already relying on Scandinavian technology:
For example, BMW, TomTom and Microsoft are working closely with the data provider Foreca. Its specialty is detailed, digital weather forecasts with which they supply OEMs and software service providers. These predictions are, for example, passed on to the driver using the Connected-Drive-Infotainment-System. In this way, safety is increased since many accidents happen due to bad weather conditions. With its services, the company supplies data for various fields of application such as navigation, autonomous driving, monitoring of road conditions or fleet management.

Connectivity, e-mobility and autonomous driving – innovations require new systems. These are usually highly complex and, in their implementation, challenge the automobile manufacturers technically and economically at the same time. Still, many different electronic control units are active in modern vehicles. They are often side by side in an unconnected way. This makes the overall coordination complicated. Here, LinkMotion comes into the picture: They use the software and hardware products to centralize these control units. This enables them to optimize technical processes, reduce costs and increase safety.

In the course of networking and automation, cars collect more and more larger amounts of data. To meet the challenges and make the car safer, Tuxera developers – another Finnish software company – are working on storage solutions to deal with large amounts of data. In addition, Tuxera is currently developing software that is to be installed in the black boxes of self-propelled vehicles by 2020. It stores all the driving data collected via integrated sensors. This should make the autonomous driving better and safer.

Finnish experts will present their developments and business models at the ConCarExpo at the joint pavilion of the partner country. Already on 4 July 2017, all exhibitors, speakers, participants and visitors will be invited to a reception in the Finnish Embassy. For this evening event, a previous online registration is necessary.

For further information on the international trade fair ConCarExpo 2017 and the accompanying specialist program, please visit www.concarexpo.com as well as the VDI Wissensforum Customer Centre, PO Box 10 11 39, 40002 Düsseldorf, E-Mail: info@concarexpo.com, Phone: +49 211 6214-7049, Telefax: -167.

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