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Promoting transmission electrification

Transmission designers know: the future of the drive lies in electrification. Therefore, the focus of the VDI Congress "Drivetrain for Vehicles" is, among other things, on the electrification of the powertrain. The event offers a challenging overall program with two topic-related parallel conferences. From 5 - 6 July 2017, the International Transmission Congress will be presented in its new home, the World Conference Center in Bonn.

A wide range of specialist programs at the International VDI Congress "Transmissions in vehicles" from 5 to 6 July 2017 in Bonn  (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

A wide range of specialist programs at the International VDI Congress "Transmissions in vehicles" from 5 to 6 July 2017 in Bonn (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

This year's VDI-Congress "Drivetrain for Vehicles" is the world's most important technology congress for drivetrain experts, executives and decision-makers of the international transmission world. The event will show the entire range of transmission and drivetrain development in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sector. Accompanying expert conferences and an international exhibition complement the transmission congress and offer a concentrated and diverse expert program.

The focus of the conference's approximately 80 lectures will be on topics such as Electification and IT security as well as conventional drivetrain technology. The accompanying exhibition is the central market place for the event. More than 100 companies present components and solutions for the vehicle transmission in the exhibition area of the World Conference Center in Bonn.

The event is accompanied by two parallel international expert conferences. Participants of the VDI Transmission Congress have free access to the accompanying conferences.
Increasing electrification and automation are also significantly changing the commercial vehicle industry. Likewise, the production of transmission component bears, thanks to additional production, potentials and challenges. Experts will discuss how these are to be addressed at the 5th International VDI Specialized Conference “Transmissions in Commercial Vehicles“  on 5 and 6 July in Bonn.

Top issues at the conference are:

  • Electrification concepts for light and medium duty vehicles
  • Forward-looking drivetrain control and monitoring to optimize economic operation
  • Downspeeding: concepts for vibration damping and couplings
  • Additive and light-weighed produced: production of transmission components
  • Logistics 4.0: Opportunities and challenges for drive development

Among others including lectures of:

  • AVL
  • Daimler Trucks
  • DB Mobility
  • MAN
  • Scania
  • ZF Friedrichshafen

At the same time, the 3rd International VDI Expert Conference “Control solutions for transmissions” takes place. This highlights the advantages of a transmission control, such as optimized driving characteristics, improved shift comfort and the reduction of noise emissions as well as consumption.

The top issues of the "Control solutions for transmissions" conference are:

  • Innovative drive architectures and control strategies
  • Actuators – efficiency of auxiliary units
  • Innovative actuator and sensor systems
  • Efficient use of simulation and software for transmission controls
  • HEV and BEV in the context of transmission control

Among others including lectures of:

  • AUDI
  • Continental
  • hofer
  • IMB
  • Robert Bosch


For further information and the accompanying specialist program, please visit www.transmission-congress.com as well as the VDI Wissensforum Customer Centre, PO Box 10 11 39, 40002 Düsseldorf, E-Mail: wissensforum@vdi.d, Phone: +49 211 6214-7049, Telefax: -167.

Contact person for public relations:

Thomas Frohn
Phone: +49 211 6214-641
Fax: +49 211 6214-97641
E-Mail: wf-presse@vdi.de

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