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The Car of the Future: Digitalized, Connected and Driving Autonomously

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation. The growing digitalization lays the foundation for future vehicle generations to be able to communicate with each other, with the driver and their environment. In light of this, digitalization is considered the key on the way to fully automated and connected driving. Vehicles continue to become safer, smarter and more comfortable. What are the technical and infrastructural obstacles that still need to be overcome and how do these changes revolutionize mobility as such? These are the main topics at the international trade fair “ConCarExpo 2017“ taking place on July 5 – 6, 2017 in Berlin.

Connected Car & Mobility Solutions - 
on July 5, 2017 the “ConCarExpo“ will be opened. 
 (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

Connected Car & Mobility Solutions - on July 5, 2017 the “ConCarExpo“ will be opened. (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

The “ConCarExpo“ is Europe’s largest international trade fair in the field of connected car, automated driving and IT security for vehicles. Under the headline “Connected Car & Mobility Solutions“ more than 100 exhibitors will be presenting their technical solutions and new business models.
As part of “ConCarExpo“ four specialist conferences will be held in parallel where more than 100 international experts will be speaking about automated driving, man-machine interfaces, IT security as well as digital infrastructure:

4th International VDI Conference – Automated Driving

Automated Driving is one of the megatrends that are going to have a large-scale impact on the automotive sector in the years to come. Major changes are imminent that will affect the use and design of vehicles and shape new infrastructure concepts. At the conference all these topics will be the subject of discussion amongst the leading minds of the automotive industry with the focus clearly being placed on “Automated Driving“.

Major topics are:

  • State-of-the-art developments in the field of Automated Driving
  • How the topic Autonomous Driving is viewed by OEMs
  • New mobility concepts and the mobility of the future
  • Artificial intelligence in self-driving cars
  • Mapping technologies and traffic data
  • Sensors, 3D environment detection and information technologies
  • IT Security, functional safety and standardization 

4th International VDI Conference – Automotive HMI & Connectivity

The human-machine interface goes beyond the mere connection of driver and vehicle. It includes the driver being linked up to the environment. By continuously pushing the advancement of driver assistance system technology, which measures the alertness of the driver and reaches as far as linking up to mobile devices, driving will be more comfortable and safer by introducing new technologies.

Key topics are:

  • User friendliness and user experience
  • Internet of Things as part of Connected Car
  • Voice-based HMI for driver assistance systems
  • HMI of the smartphone generation
  • Rapid Iteration UI design development

3rd International VDI Conference – IT Security for Vehicles
Digital networking and automation in vehicles are considered groundbreaking future trends. Be it a GPS connection or online controllable infotainment, all these convenient features pose at the same time a security threat.  How to mitigate harm arising from this threat and which new measures are in place to protect automotive information technology will be subject of a discussion conducted by experts at the conference “IT Security for Vehicles“.

Main topics are:

  • Vulnerabilities in connected and automated vehicles
  • Over-the-air-updates
  • Big Data: IT security vs. privacy
  • Cryptography in hardware security

International VDI Conference – Digital Infrastructure and Automotive Mobility
The implementation of digital innovations like automated driving in real life calls for fundamental preconditions to be laid down that are geared towards a comprehensible, reliable and swift vehicle-environment information exchange. For this purpose, appropriate information and communication structures have to be arranged and implemented, to establish a digital infrastructure. What this will look like and how unresolved financial matters will be clarified, will be discussed at the conference “Digital Infrastructure and Automotive Mobility“ by experts with an automotive, telecommunication and IT background.

Key Topics are:

  • New mobility concepts
  • Car-to-Car- and Car-to-X Communication
  • DRSC technology
  • Big Data process
  • Refinancing investments in digital infrastructure

To benefit from an even wider range of topics and make use of ample networking opportunities, conference participants may attend any of the four VDI conferences that will be run simultaneously with their ticket. In addition, conference participants will have free access to the trade fair “ConCarExpo“. However, an exhibition ticket for the trade fair “ConCarExpo“ does not entitle the holder to attend any of the VDI conference that are held in parallel.

Date and venue:

05 - 06 July 2017
Estrel Berlin

Facts and Figures:

  • Some 2,000 trade visitors and conference participants
  • More than 100 exhibitors
  • More than 100 speakers
  • Exhibition and conferences will be held in English

Registration and programme at www.concarexpo.com or www.vdi-international.com as well as via the VDI Customer Service, Postfach 10 11 39, 40002 Düsseldorf, E-Mail: wissensforum@vdi.de, Phone: +49 211 6214-201, Fax: -154.

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