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Internet of Things

Innovation, Transformation & the Age of Big Data

The international VDI Congress CESIS 2016, 13-14 December, Berlin, Germany. Key topics of this three-track international event include cross industry business models, innovative technologies as well as data handling and security.

The international VDI Congress CESIS 2016, 13-14 December, Berlin, Germany  (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

The international VDI Congress CESIS 2016, 13-14 December, Berlin, Germany (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

As we have all realized, the time of the digital transformation is now and cannot be postponed to a time in the distant future. The Internet of Things is given high priority in logistics and automotive industry, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunication & IT or in regard to consumer goods. Also the sudden appearance of new startup companies with innovative solutions doesn’t come as a surprise any longer. The “Googles and Apples” of all industries disrupt existing businesses and cause elemental changes for all of us. For this reason an intensive discussion of the Internet of Things is necessary and indispensable.

The Internet of Things describes the integration of both sensors and actuators into all kinds of physical items. Eventually, these items get connected to the digital world producing large amounts of data and causing new challenges for the items’ user. Security issues or data handling problems represent important problems which have to be taken into account by all industries. Nevertheless the Internet of Things offers a great variety of amazing chances to consumers and users so that the discussion of these risks seems to be reasonable, doesn’t it?

December 13-14, 2016 the VDI will be hosting its new international congress on the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things. As one of Europe’s key players in terms of technology and science VDI is imparting technology-related topics about major innovations and big data in Berlin.
CESIS’ international speakers dispose of both strategic foresight and technological background and range from classic industrial companies to industry newcomers and major disruptors. This special combination provides a unique and genuine added value to all decision makers, managers and innovation advocates. Companies such as T-Systems, Siemens, Amazon Web Services, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, IBM and many more have been involved in the conception process of CESIS 2016.
In the modern and inspiring atmosphere of Andel's by Vienna House Berlin the VDI is hosting this new interactive event. Attendees will profit from special networking options such as international world cafés or roundtables and get the chance to be involved in a design thinking workshop. The evening event is also casting shadows since virtual reality games are not on everybody’s usual agenda.
CESIS 2016 brings together experts from all over the world discussing the most important topic in all our industries- The Internet of Things!

More details about CESIS 2016 and the corresponding registration can be found on www.iot-cesis.com or may be obtained at any time from wissensforum@vdi.de. Phone: +49 211 6214-201, Telefax: -154.                                                           

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