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The trade fair for the mobility of the future

Elmar Frickenstein from BMW will open the international trade fair ConCarExpo on 29 and 30 June 2016 in Duesseldorf/Germany.

The international trade fair ConCarExpo  takes place on 29 und 30 June 2016 in Duesseldorf (Germany)  (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

The international trade fair ConCarExpo takes place on 29 und 30 June 2016 in Duesseldorf (Germany) (Picture: VDI Wissensforum GmbH)

It will not be long now before the international trade fair ConCarExpo takes place for the first time on 29 and 30 June 2016 at the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition centre. As the event organizer, the German Engineers Association (VDI) is offering visitors a unique concept: an exciting mix of an exhibition, international conferences and a trade fair forum with a total of more than 100 lectures.   

The exhibitors in Düsseldorf will provide the very latest information on the most important future trends. The fair will focus on key aspects such as automated driving and driver assistance systems, navigation and telematics, car2x communication, HMI, control and display systems and the components and systems required, such as sensors and controllers, as well as software, car IT and infrastructure technologies (networks, cloud computing, big data analytics, infotainment). Among the exhibitors in Düsseldorf will be such renowned companies of the industry as BMW, Microsoft, TomTom, ESG, Vodafone, Continental and NVIDIA.

ConCarExpo is the perfect presentation platform not only for heavyweights like these but also for young, innovative companies. VDI has created a Start-Up Area especially for them. Keeping a car logbook in accordance with the rules when the vehicle is also used privately requires a high degree of discipline and a lot of time. Vimcar GmbH from Berlin has revolutionized this process. The company car uses vehicle data to automatically record the logbook itself. A further example is the navigation app from Graphmasters GmbH in Hannover. The app optimises the route every 15 seconds, thus ensuring optimum route navigation and the most accurate arrival time.  

At the Usability Experience Hub, car experts from SBD (Secured by Design Ltd) perform vehicle presentations. Visitors can compare individual features to create a benchmark for the Seat Ibiza, Tesla Model S and Volvo XC 90 vehicles. At the Research Hub, visitors can find information on different technologies, such as connectivity, automation, safety and eco systems.

In the Car Pavilion, car makers and suppliers will showcase the very latest developments and future studies on a huge variety of topics. One example is Continental's solution for a car without a rear-view mirror. The images from several cameras are displayed on monitors and provide the driver with all the information required to drive or manoeuvre the vehicle. The lack of rear-view mirrors optimizes the air flow around the vehicle body, thus reducing both fuel consumption and noise.    

The rapid advancement of knowledge in the field of the connected car means that a wide-ranging programme of lectures is absolutely essential. For that reason, in addition to the lectures at the trade fair forum – where, for example, new business models or legal aspects are presented – VDI is also organizing further four international conferences in parallel and in close proximity to the fair. These will deal with automated driving, HMI, connectivity, IT security and safety systems. The keynote speech at the joint opening of all conferences within the framework of ConCarExpo will be held by none other than Elmar Frickenstein, Senior Vice President Electrics/Electronics and Driver Environment of BMW Group.

As an additional highlight, ITS is organizing a two-day workshop on "Public Transportation 4.0" at ConCarExpo. The workshop will examine the current state and the opportunities for connecting vehicles with the infrastructure.  

The prestigious CAR Connect Award from the trade magazine connect will be presented for the first time at ConCarExpo. This year, more than 12,000 participants have voted on the best connected applications from car makers and suppliers from a customer's perspective.

Visitors who travel to ConCarExpo by air or rail will have the opportunity to register free of charge at the car-sharing provider DriveNow, which will then enable them to use one of their cars to drive quickly and conveniently from the train station or airport to the exhibition grounds.

Further information on the Internet under www.concarexpo.com or through VDI Wissensforum Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 10 11 39, 40002 Duesseldorf (Germany), E-Mail: wissensforum@vdi.de, Telephone: +49 (0) 211 62 14-201, Telefax: -1 54.

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Information about the VDI
The VDI Wissensforum is a company of the VDI Group. As a leading further training specialist, we convey knowledge from virtually all the technical disciplines and the major non-technical areas. We attach great importance to sustainability and practical relevance. Along with our large network of experts, we are always at the cutting edge and have offered engineers, technical specialists and executives more than 1,000 events for professional development every year for almost 60 years.

More than almost any other, the subject area Connected Car requires the willingness of all stakeholders to act across industry boundaries. As a neutral spokesperson for the engineers, the Association of German Engineers (VDI) is active on the technical side in all sectors concerned (automotive manufacturing, automotive supply, IT, telematics and mobile communications) and has highly efficient networks. Neutrality, technical expertise and many years of experience as an established organiser of technical congresses and exhibitions thus make the VDI Wissensforum the ideal organiser of the ConCarExpo 2016.