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An entire laboratory on a single chip

VDI campaign “Engineering Stories” released

As part of its latest image campaign for engineers, the VDI has released the first of its engineering stories. In smartphones, in cars or in the high sensitivity measuring instruments used in medicine, tiny microchips with very special qualities are at work. Reliably, they measure, regulate and manage our everyday life. Dominique Bouwes is at home in this world of only a few micro meters. The VDI presents her story in its first campaign spot at www.ingenieurgeschichten.vdi.de (only in German).

“Engineering Stories” An entire laboratory on a single chip - Dominique Bouwes  (Picture: VDI)

“Engineering Stories” An entire laboratory on a single chip - Dominique Bouwes (Picture: VDI)

Engineering Stories: Dominique Bouwes explores new solutions in the diagnosis of acute leukemia
As an engineer of microsystems technology, Dominique Bouwes works on finding small solutions to meet today’s bigger challenges at iX Factory, a Dortmund company. The current project is a perfect example of the company’s own principle of “the smaller, the better, the faster and the more efficient”. A so-called “lab-on-a-chip” is being designed to diagnose acute leukemia. This new chip is to replace painful bone marrow exams and time consuming laboratory tests. Biomarkers on the chip make this possible. Biomarkers attach themselves to sick cells and trigger a signal that indicates the respective type of leukemia. Thanks to this micro laboratory, doctors and patients will see results after less than hour, instead of having to wait for entire days. In a second step, only a few drops of blood will suffice for the chip to present a diagnosis.

Demonstrating how engineering achievements improve our everyday life
The VDI campaign “Engineering Stories” intents to familiarize those outside the technological community with the many small and big innovations designed by engineers, since most people are ignorant of the amount of engineering art that surrounds us. “We want to create a gallery of the many German engineering achievements in our everyday world that continue to improve our quality of life – the seemingly insignificant as well as the more evident ones”, says VDI president professor PhD Udo Ungeheuer. “To do this, we are looking for exemplary stories that convey just this – without technical language and in person.” Who else could best speak for their profession than the engineers themselves?

Why apply with your project
The main personal benefit of participating in the campaign is that applicants will receive appreciation for their work. All selected stories will be at the center of a professionally produced video or photo story that will be marketed through the internet and the VDI’s own wide network. This creates visibility for the engineers as well as for their professional environment. A jury of thirteen high-profile members selects the individual stories. Jurors are either honorary members of the VDI or representatives of the media and the industry. Last November, the jury chose the first ten stories that were to be marketed this year either in the form of a video or a photo story. The jury will meet again in November of 2015, leaving sufficient time to hand in an application at www.ingenieurgeschichten.vdi.de .

Contact details
Minna-Kaisa Mäkinen, Marketing
Phone: + 49 211 6214-374
Email: maekinen@vdi.de