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29th-30th June 2015, Sheffield/UK

7th International Granulation Workshop

Granulation encompasses a number of processes vital to the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, metallurgical, fertiliser, waste water treatment and catalysts industries, among others. Growing interest in the field has led to the development of International Granulation Workshop, which has become the one of the world’s largest forum for industry and academia to share and discuss recent developments in this complex and evolving field.

7th International Granulation Workshop in Sheffield/UK (Picture: University of Sheffield)

7th International Granulation Workshop in Sheffield/UK (Picture: University of Sheffield)

The 7th edition of this workshop will take place in 2015 in Sheffield, United Kingdom. It will consist of two parts: a 2-day hands-on Course to serve as an introduction to agglomeration technologies, hosted by some of the world’s leading experts in granulation in industry and academia, followed by a 3-day scientific conference, during which cutting-edge research in the field will be presented.

Topics of the Granulation Course:

  • Product and Process Design
  • Elements of granulation technology – wet granulation regime map
  • Understanding granule formation: Mechanisms in agglomeration – mechanisms of size enlargement, effects of
    liquid distribution, binder selection, control of granule size
  • Equipment for granulation, including: low and high shear mixers, fluid bed agglomerators, roller compaction, tableting, extrusion and spheronisation
  • Continuous and batch granulation
  • Finished product characterization; Key finished particle properties will be investigated.


Course: 29th-30th June 2015
Conference: 1st-3rd July 2015


Further Information:
Dr Ranjit Dhenge
Chemical and Biological Engineering
University of Sheffield/UK
Telephone: +44 114 222 7644
Telefax:   +44 114 222 7501
Email: granulationworkshop2015@sheffield.ac.uk


Source: University of Sheffield / UK