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VDI International Bionic-Award 2018

VDI International Bionic-Award 2018

Biomimetics often generate ideas and serve as a stimulus for innovation with sustainable benefits for technology, economy and society. The award is endowed to support research and development oriented towards practical application and innovation by young scientists in the fi eld of biomimetics.

The International Bionic Award will be presented for the seventh time in 2020. Relevant information will be communicated in advance an will be available on the website of the International Bionic Award (www.vdi.de/bionic-award). The award winning contribution will also be presented during this congress.

What to submit
Review BionicAward

Deadline for Submission of International Papers in English language: February 29, 2020

Winner of the International Bionic Award 2018 (Picture: © R. Siddique, P. Abaffy, G. Gomard / KIT)
Free-standing polymer membranes are suitable for omniphobic and mechanically stable surface coatings
The cuticle of springtails - a role model for robust water and oil repellent surfaces. WINNER OF THE INTERNATIONAL BIONIC AWARD 2014: Inspired by skin morphology of Collembola


  • Prof. Dr. Jerôme Casas, Université François-Rabelais Tours
  • Dr. Rainer Erb, BIOKON e.V.
  • Markus Fischer, Ingenieurbüro Markus Fischer
  • Prof. Dr. Robert J. Full, University of California, Berkeley
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Herdy, INPRO GmbH
  • Prof. George Jeronimidis, University of Reading
  • Prof. Dr. Antonia Kesel, Bionik-Innovations-Centrum Bremen
  • Dr. Anna Mura, IBEC Barcelona
  • Marc Georg Schauenburg, Schauenburg-Stiftung
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck, Universität Freiburg
  • Dr. Stéphane Viollet, Aix Marseille University
  • Dr. Ludwig Vollrath, FISITA, London
  • Dr. Ljuba Woppowa, Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
  • Prof. Dr. Zhengzhong Shao, Fudan University

Donator of the Award

Hans-Georg Schauenburg (photocredit: private)

The award has been endowed by the Schauenburg-Foundation since 2008. The Schauenburg-Foundation was established in 1986 by Hans-Georg Schauenburg, founder of the Schauenburg Group, which has been in business in the Rhein-Ruhr area for over 60 years. The focus of the Schauenburg-Foundation, which is administered by the independent Stifterverband (Stifterverband is the business community‘s innovation agency for the German science system), reflects the close connection of the International Schauenburg Group to its roots and with scientific and technical innovation.


The foundation mainly endorses academic projects in the area of engineering, economics and social sciences, as well as supporting young people in their vocational training. 

Schauenburg-Logo + Stifterverband
Schauenburg-Logo + Stifterverband