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Our conference has the theme "Digital Transformation". Therefore we have created an extensive programme that provides a wonderful range of workshops and talks about this topic. We want to give you the opportunity to choose between these alternatives in order to listen to the mesmerizing topic you ever wanted to hear about or to gain in-depth experience in one of our workshops. Both in the morning and in the afternoon you have the opportunity to select if you want to attend a workshop or listen to two talks.



For more Infomation - click on the titel of the Workshop



In the Forenoon


Workshop 1 - Brunel - Finding Your Voice


Workshop 2 - EYE Project Group       ( fully booked )


Workshop 3 - E.ON - Customer Journey Design


Workshop 4 - Rittal - Managing projects in technical sales  ( fully booked )



In the Afternoon


Workshop 5 - Crash course "Presentation    ( fully booked )


Workshop 6 - Magnetic-Pitch-Concept      ( fully booked )


Workshop 7 - MOTIUS - SCRUM