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Gala Dinner

The castle Hämelschenburg


At 6:00pm the shuttle will leave from Hannover directly to the venue manor castle "Hämelschenburg" in which the Gala Dinner will take place.


The castlev"Hämelschenburg" was built in the 15th century and since then home of the Family von Klencke who is still living there. The castle is one of the most important buildings from the era of Weser Rennaissance with its art collections, gardens, watermill, estate buildings, and church.


We will get to know each other and dine in the Great Hall where once the knights of Klencke ate and celebrated. You can choose from a selection of drinks and a versatile buffet. At 10:3 pm the shuttle will take you back to the hostel. The dresscode for the dinner is (semi-)formal. 


Dresscode: (Semi-)formal

Inside (Picture: Copyright „Schloss Hämelschenburg - Café“: Christine von Klencke)