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We will be staying in the Youth Hostel Bodenwerder. Bodenwerden is located about 60km south of Hannover in the Weser Hills (Weserbergland) and is the birthplace of Baron Munchhausen - the Baron of Lies. The fairy tale charakkter exploits focus as a sportsman, soldier, and traveller on impossible achievements, e.g. riding a cannonball, fighting a forty-foot crocodile, and travelling to the moon.

We will be sleeping in four and six bed rooms where each room is equipped with an own washing facility as well as showers and toilets on each floor. An upgrade to a single or double room is not possible. The accomodation is included in the conference fee so that you do not have to find a place to stay yourself which is pretty complicated while Hannover Fair is taking place.

For more information about the Youth Hostel have a look at their webpage.

Please mind that an individual arrival at the Youth Hostel by public transport is not possible! Staying in a hotel somewhere in Hannover is not possible since we cannot warrant transport from the socail events back to Hannover in the evenings.


Youth Hostel Bodenwerder
37619 Bodenwerder