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Route / Getting there

On Thursday


Make sure that you only use the entrance "Messe / Nord" to enter Hannover Trade Fair grounds to store your luggage there.

Arrival at the Fair ground is possible until 09:30pm on Thursday even though the Hannover Trade Fair closes at 6:00pm. The security is informed about the conference and will let you in.

Registration is on the VDI booth in hangar 2. Watch out for our conference logo!

An arrival after 09:30pm on Thursday at the Fair ground is not possible!


 Please time your arrival accordingly. 

On Friday



Use the entrance "Messe / Nord" to enter Hannover Trade Fair grounds and walk straight to the Robotation Academy (ground plans can be found at the gates). Registration is in the entrance hall of the Robotation Academy.

Registration is open until 4:00pm on Friday!

How to get to the Hannover Fair


Travel by Air Plane
After arriving at Hannover Airport, walk for about 5 minutes to the railway station "Hannover Flughafen" and take the S5 to Hannover main station. Continue with step "Travel by Rail".

Travel by Rail
Starting at Hannover main station, walk for about 4 minutes to the underground station "Hannover Kröpke" and take the U8 to Hannover "Messe / Nord".


Travel by Car
Take the highway A7 and leave it at exit 59 "Laatzen". Follow road 443 in western direction for about 4km and turn right onto road B6. You will arrive at Hannover Fair after 4km.



Please mind that an individual arrival at the Youth Hostel by public transport is not possible! Staying in a hotel somewhere in Hannover is not possible since we cannot warrant transport from the socail events back to Hannover in the evenings.


Departure on Sunday

The busses will bring you back to the main station in Hannover leaving at 9:30 am at the hostel. The drive will take about 1h 20mins. From the main station you can take the S5 to the airport which takes 18 minutes and departs every half an hour.

Be aware of the fact that Sunday the 1st of May is a holiday in Germany!