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VDI Technical Division Biotechnology

VDI Technical Division Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the principal future technologies and an important motor of various markets. It comprises a wide range of techniques from different industrial fields of application.

In particular energy production from sustainable raw materials, applications in the medical and pharmaceutical fields as well as environmentally sound biotechnological methods in industrial production play an essential role now and will continue to do so in future.

Innovative diagnostic approaches for the early detection of illnesses, the development of highly specific medicines, environmentally sound alternatives in chemical industry and innovations in agriculture are examples of new procedures made possible by biotechnological techniques. The VDI is committed to elaborating this field of technology in Germany in the following ways:

  • VDI Standards: for example instructions on the safe use of GMO in closed systems
  • Further training via events such as expert forums
  • Platform for environmental technologies (for example waste water purification

and soil rehabilitation), industrial biotechnology (for example environmentally sound production processes, process engineering and biocatalysis), agriculture and nutrition (for example sustainable raw materials, recycling and sustainable land cultivation), medicines and the pharmaceutical field (for example diagnostics and the development of medicines)