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VDI Technical Division Biomimetics (Picture: © Getty Images – Leon Dafonte Fernandez Photography)
VDI Technical Division Biomimetics

VDI Society Technology of Life Sciences

VDI Technical Division Biomimetics


Biomimetics connects technology and biology and aims at making the solutions found in nature and their innovative potential usable for human beings. Many problem solutions found in nature are exemplary: robust composite materials, sophisticated mobility mechanisms, functional ways of building and living and perfect communication and information systems. In addition to elaborating VDI Standards, this technical division also presents the international Bionic Award.

Technical problems were being solved by means of the systematic observation of nature and the transfer of complex principles from biology to technology (biomimetics) as far back as the time of Leonardo da Vinci.

Germany is a research location of international significance in the field of biomimetics. It is necessary to uphold the high scientific standard of German research in the future and further strengthen its international reputation, and the bionic approach must be integrated into the innovation processes of industry.

Since 2007, a joint project of the German federal foundation for the environment ‘Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt’ (DBU), the centre for environmental communication ‘Zentrum für Umweltkommunikation’ (ZUK) of the DBU and the VDI Society Technologies of Life Sciences has been elaborating VDI Standards which allow and facilitate the implementation of bionic developments into technical applications. In addition, the VDI-TLS is in charge of introducing biomimetics in fields of engineering in which it has not been used at all up to now or only rarely.
This exchange is to be supported by organizing conferences, workshops and seminars. To promote young talent, the international Bionic Award is presented every two years for outstanding dissertations or habilitations.