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Drivetrain and energy management

Drivetrain and energy management

The success story of the car has been a story of the ever-increasing consumption of fuel based on oil. But fossil energy reserves are finite, and it has now been known for several decades that the impact of their consumption on the environment is severe. Thus, reducing pollution and fuel consumption is one of the most important tasks the car industry faces.

This doesn’t mean the internal combustion engine is about to become obsolete. There is still much room for improvement, and traditional fuels have a lot of technical and economical advantages over other sources of energy that can be stocked on board. But gradually we will see the number of viable options increase in the first time – downsizing of engines, mild hybrids, full hybrids, electric cars with range extenders and so forth are already available - , before we will eventually progress towards that elusive goal, a car the operation of which has no negative impact on the atmosphere.
In the meantime, there are lots of complex problems linked to the transformation of energy that takes place around the movement of a car. It is the aim of this Technical Division of FVT to contribute to a better understanding of the workings of the different drivetrain technologies available, and of their specific benefits.