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Automation, connectivity and electronic

If cars today are more efficient, more powerful, safer, cleaner and more comfortable than they used to be, a lot of this is down to electronics. From the late 1960’s onwards electronics have transformed the car. And shortly after this process took off, the VDI’s big conference “Electronics in Vehicles” in Baden-Baden started helping everybody involved, at least in Germany, to find their way between the sheer endless possibilities and interdependencies that electronics, as applied to the car, brought with it.


The Technical Division Automation, connectivity and electronic still very much gravitates around this bi-annual event (in years with even numbers, there is a slightly smaller conference at the same venue), since its members are those who shape the conference. Electronics today are pretty much in every major component of all vehicles, and are applied to achieve any imaginable target. But the hottest subject, as of 2013, is intelligent driver assistance systems.