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Automotive technologies

Automotive technologies

The car in itself is a mature product, its history having started more than 100 years ago. It has rapidly changed society and lifestyles in many countries and made itself indispensable, if not to everyone, at least to society. This process is still underway in developing countries. In the last decades it had seemed that the car was evolving towards some kind of definitive form, progress being obtained more in detail than in large steps, while the differences between the competing commercial offerings seemed to all but disappear. But the challenges the car faces today, most notably that of progressively eliminating the carbon dioxide emissions from internal combustion engines, are changing the cards on the table.


Cars have to become ever more efficient, they will have to become lighter to achieve this; they’ll use other sources of energy than fossil fuels. Still, people will require them to offer the same versatility, the same performances, and the same comfort they have come to expect after more than a century of continuous refinement. There may be revolutions ahead, but in the meantime there’s a lot to be done by developing the existing solutions towards the right direction. This Technical Division is the place where all the available novel technologies that will eventually shape the car of the future are assessed and merged into a synthesis.