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Spokespersons, designers, networkers

We are engineers from all disciplines in all professional functions.
Our network includes students of engineering sciences as well as
academics from other disciplines, in particular informatics, natural
sciences and mathematics. We work across generations, connecting
practical knowledge with future concepts.

Our 150,000 personal members are linked by the fascination for and
with technology which has the potential to change the world for the
better. In our role as the voice of engineers and technology, we actively
shape the future. Every year, more than 12,000 honorary experts
develop the latest insights to promote Germany as a hub for technology.
As a recognized knowledge and competence platform, we are the
driving force for new technologies and technical solutions for an
increased quality of life, a better environment and more prosperity.

We are Germany’s largest technical-scientific network and with our
activities we promote general conditions within which the great innovation
potential of engineers can realize its full potential. Our goal is
to positively influence the development of technology and Germany
as a place for innovation – and we have been doing that since 1856.