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VDI/DIN Commission on Air Pollution Prevention (KRdL) – Standards Committee

Technical Division III: Environmental Quality

Aims and topics

The most important task of Technical Division III (TD III) is to specify maximum ambient pollution (immission) values for the protection of man, animals, plants and the soil - values justified solely by medical and natural scientific criteria. They help the legislator amongst other things as a decision-making aid in the specification of ambient pollution values. The maximum ambient pollution values are becoming increasingly important for the evaluation of impact on certain sections of the population, e.g. children, the sick, the elderly and pregnant women, and in the assessment of indoor air quality outside industry.

TD III also prepares technical rules on impact-oriented measurement and surveying methods and on environmental simulation. In TD III "Environmental Quality" over 270 specialists are currently working in about 30 different bodies.

With well over 100 VDI Standards and DIN Standards compiled in Volume IA of the VDI/DIN Air Pollution Prevention Manual, TD III has created a solid foundation of technical rules for the protection of man and his environment.

Main fields

  • Effects of air pollution on human health, animals, plants, soil and materials
  • Maximum immission values to protect human health, farm animals and vegetation
  • Effect-related measurement and assessment methods: biodindication using plants and animals, biodiversity, exposure of materials
  • Measurement and effects of microbial air pollutants
  • Olfactometry