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VDI/DIN Commission on Air Pollution Prevention (KRdL) – Standards Committee

Technical Division II: Environmental Meteorology

Aims and topics

Technical Division II (TD II) is concerned with all meteorological issues of environmental protection, both on the national (VDI Standards, DIN Standards) and international level (ISO Standards). TD II's task is to present the state of the art in such fields as technical meteorology, agricultural meteorology and the effects of human activities on local and regional climate. Other fields are the dispersion and transmission of airborne pollution. SD II is divided into five committees devoted to "Practical applications", "Meteorological measurements", "Boundary layer models", "Interaction between the atmosphere and surfaces" and "Applied climatology". Over 220 experts are active in the numerous working groups of these committees. The working groups are coordinated by the above-mentioned full-time staff at KRdL. Technical Division  II "Environmental meteorology" has built up an extensive set of tools for the implementation of clean air policy, comprising about 60 published standards (VDI/DIN Air Pollution Prevention Manual, Volume IB).

Main fields

  • Dispersion of air pollutants in the atmosphere
  • Emissions by accidental releases
  • Micro- and mesoscale wind field models
  • Interactions between atmosphere and surfaces
  • Meteorological measurements
  • Practical climatology
  • Air pollution maps
  • Human-biometeorological evaluation of climate and air quality
  • Transfer of meteorological data