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Arriving by train

The Düsseldorf airport has its own train station.
From the station, take the SkyTrain monorail to Terminal C of the airport. The S-Bahn # 11 commuter train stops at the underground inter-city station
beneath Terminal C.

  • SkyTrain You can enter the Maritim Hotel directly from the station in Terminal C. Walk through the hotel and exit through the door that is directly across from the VDI building.
  • S-Bahn # 11 On the platform in Terminal C follow the exit sign for “Ausgang Abfl ug/Ankunft” and go left towards “Flughafen Verwaltung” (airport administration).

The Maritim Hotel is situated across from the exit. Walk straight on between the P8 car park and the Maritim Hotel. Behind the hotel go to the right. On
your left you will see the VDI building.