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Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives, but few know how it works. That’s something the VDI intends to change. We bring experts together for interdisciplinary dialogues. As a disseminator of technological knowledge, we make exciting and interesting developments public and bring the next generation closer to technology. In a wide range of projects, we promote and support young people’s interest in technical careers and help them make their first contacts with the professional world of engineers.

A great deal can be achieved alone, but more together – at the national and international level, VDI supports interdisciplinary co-operations between the fields of industry, economy, society, engineers and its members.

The VDI makes technology a fascination

Germany is poor in resources but rich in exciting ideas. Only with well-trained young engineers will it be possible to strengthen and expand Germany as a world´s leading technology hub in future. Therefore, it is especially important for us to make children, young people and students familiar with technology in technical-creative projects and give them a direct insight into the professional life of engineers.