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VDI Technical Division Strategic Energy and Environmental Tasks

© Fotolia - F.- Schmidt (Picture: © Fotolia - F.- Schmidt)
© Fotolia - F.- Schmidt

What should a sustainable energy supply of the future for the industrial society look like?
How can we solve the climate and environmental problems partly caused by the current forms of energy use?
How must production structures be changed in order to integrate aspects of environmental protection from the start?

The basic subject areas of this technical division are as follows:

  • Sustainability in energy provision
  • Sustainability in energy application
  • Efficiency improvement/environmental protection technologies
  • Sustainability in water use



  • Description of the state of the art of the principal technologies and systems for energy and the environment, the resulting burden on the environment and relevant reduction measures
  • Assessment and (if necessary) provision of scenarios for the long-term development in energy, the environment, climate and water (including economic consequences)
  • Statements on up-to-date issues from this field for the public, but also for our own members
  • Elaboration of VDI Standards for the assessment of technologies, products and services and for the protection of water as a resource
  • Compilation of an up-to-date summary of the principal data for the consumption and provision of energy and presentation of the development of the energy demand