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Technical Division Resource Management

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It is necessary to develop environmentally sound products which have an extended lifetime and can also be recycled and re-used. Polluting emissions and waste must be avoided as far as possible in production processes. Measures to promote sustainability, the economical use of resources and recycling management must be included in operational processes and implemented using appropriate methods of systems engineering. Disposal logistics and recycling are essential elements here.


Thematically, the VDI Society Energy and Environment has divided these fields up into technical committees in which experts work together in interdisciplinary technical and standard committees and make their practically proven experience available to the public as VDI Standards etc.


This technical division handles the following subject areas:


  • Production-integrated environmental protection (PIEP)
  • Product-integrated environmental protection
  • Recycling economy:
    • Disposal logistics
    • Recycling
    • Methodology
  • Set of VDI Standards on resource efficiency
  • Quality assurance for heat and cold insulation
  • Waste treatment and resource recovery