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Technical Division 3 Technical Logistics

Technical Division 3 Technical Logistics

Technical logistics (also known as intralogistics) is the organization, control, execution and optimization of material and information flows as well as goods handling within a company.

This technical division considers itself as the first address for technical logistics in Germany. The availability of intelligent logistics services is one of the principal demands made on a modern industrial location.

Logistics is now the third largest sector in Germany. Industrial production depends on having "the right goods at the right place at the right time".





In the Technical Division Technical Logistics, the following technical committees deal with intralogistics topics in their standard committees:

  • FA301 Logistics Systems and Management
  • FA302 Logistics Process and IT
  • FA303 Reliability in Intralogistics
  • FA304 Cranes
  • FA305 Industrial Trucks
  • FA306 Warehouse and Materials Handling
  • FA307 Bulk Materials Handling
  • FA308 Packing Logistics
  • FA308.2 Load Securing
  • FA309 Driverless Transport Systems
  • FA310 Auto ID Technology