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Technical Division 2 – Factory Design and Operation

Technical Division 2 – Factory Design and Operation

Plant management deals with the planning and acquisition, operation and maintenance of factories, equipment and machines. The factories of today are characterized by shorter planning cycles and less planning security as a result of rapidly changing requirements.


Technical systems must be flexible if they are to produce with optimum resources and maximum efficiency. This requires interaction between factory design, operation and maintenance. Holistic production systems are a methodical set of rules for the constant orientation of all company processes according to customer demand. The modelling and simulation of business models and of material flow and production systems is also being used more and more frequently.





The Technical Division Factory Design and Operation includes the following technical divisions with the relevant standards committees:

  • FA201 Holistic Production Systems
  • FA202 Maintenance
  • FA202.1 Thermography in Maintenance
  • FA202.2 Maintenance of Photovoltaics Systems
  • FA203 Factory Design
  • FA204 Modelling and Simulation
  • FA205 Digital Factory
  • FA206 Automotive Logistics
  • FA207 Supply Chain Management
  • FA208 Resource Efficiency
  • FA209 Obsolescence Management