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Technical Division 3 Plastics Engineering

Technical Division 3 Plastics Engineering

The Technical Division Plastics Engineering was established in the VDI when the plastics industry was still very young. It has since grown up with the sector, so it has an extremely precise knowledge of the development, tasks and strengths of the plastics industry.


As a technical and scientific group representing the interests of the sector, the Technical Division Plastics Engineering has acquired a unique selling point in the plastics industry – not only in Germany, but in Europe as a whole. The dense network of plastics manufacturers, machine manufacturers, toolmakers and plastics processors vouches for the extremely high sector penetration and reflects the chain stretching from the development and processing of plastics to their application. The companies in the sector are active in the field of plastics manufacture and compounding, mechanical engineering or processing. The range offered by service providers from industry and university on topics such as simulation technology, quality assurance etc. is growing constantly. The field of plastics engineering is highly specialized as well as being knowledge- and research-intensive.


With its approx. 7,500 members, the VDI Technical Division Plastics Engineering has an extremely high sector penetration. Around 220 honorary members support the activities of this technical division.


Technical committees in Plastics Engineering:

  • FA301 Materials Preparation technology
  • FA302 Plastics in Automotive Engineering
  • FA303 Blow Moulding Technology
  • FA304 Extrusion Technology
  • FA305 Plastics in Medical Technology
  • FA306 Polymer Engineering Materials
  • FA307 Foam Technology
  • FA308 Injection Moulding Technology
  • FA311 Testing of Adhesion of TPE to Substrates