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Leitstelle (Picture: Thomas Ernsting / LAIF)
Technical Division Fields of application of automation

Technical Division Fields of application of automation

Automation is indispensable for all technical processes. However, the demands made on automation in order for it to provide the desired functionalities are extremely varied.

In comparison with the other divisions of the GMA which are of a more technological nature, this technical division is characterized by its direct link with selected fields of application. At present these are in particular energy technology, automotive and traffic systems technology and automation systems for the medical field. Application and sector orientation are indications of the targeted and practically oriented activity of the VDI/VDE Society Measurement and Automatic Control. The resulting interdisciplinary character and cooperation with experts from other fields is one of the characteristic features of successful automation solutions.


Technical committees:

  • 7.11 Process Control in Nuclear Power Stations
  • 7.12 Process Control in Conventional Steam Power Stations
  • 7.15 Control of Synchronous Machines and Transformers
  • 7.16 Mains Control and System Management
  • 7.20 Cyber Physical Systems
  • 7.22 Working Environment Industrie 4.0
  • 7.23 Business Model Innovation with Industrie 4.0
  • 7.44 Big Data
  • 7.45 Testing in cross-linked Systems 
  • 7.51 Barrier-free Environments
  • 7.61 Automation Technology for Rail Traffic Systems
  • 7.62 Open-loop and Closed-loop Control of Passenger Vehicles and Combustion Engines AUTOREG
  • 7.70 Automation Systems for the Medical Field