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Technical Division Mechatronics, Robotics and Actuators

The Technical Division Mechatronics, Robotics and Actuators deals on various technical levels with the automation aspects of converting information flows into power flows, i.e. with the targeted influencing of processes in process engineering, chemistry or industrial production technology etc.

The technical and scientific topics dealt with by this technical division cover issues such as, for example, how innovative physical operating principles can be used for actuation purposes, how drive and actuation technology can profit from open solutions provided by information technology, how movements can be optimized using modern drive systems or how system concepts of mechatronics and robotics allow new product functionalities to be created.

Technical fields and technical committees

  • 4.11 Process Control in Electric Drive Technology
  • 4.12 Motion Control
  • 4.13 Open-loop and Closed-loop Control of Robots
  • 4.14 Actuators for Flowing Media
  • 4.15 Mechatronics
  • 4.16 Unconventional Actuators
  • 4.17 Energy Efficiency in Drives used in Assembly and Handling Technology