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engineerING card recognised in nine countries

Professional card for engineers simplifies proof of qualification

The engineerING card, the voluntary professional card for engineers, is now recognised in nine countries. (Picture: VDI)
The engineerING card, the voluntary professional card for engineers, is now recognised in nine countries.

Professional mobility and career without borders: starting immediately, the engineerING card, the professional card for engineers, is recognised in nine European countries. After Germany and the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia and Luxembourg have also recently introduced the engineerING card. To this end, the engineering organisations in these countries have signed a corresponding agreement with the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI), the umbrella organization of European engineering organisations, to which the VDI belongs.

The engineerING card serves as a voluntary proof of one’s engineering qualifications. Proofs of degrees, work experience and further training are assessed by an independent committee of experts from economics and science, and then documented in accordance with internationally recognised rules. “Engineers with an engineerING card can demonstrate their qualifications transparently at all times and at a glance” says Lars Funk, head of the VDI department career and society. “That is a great advantage for the application process not only in Germany but also at the European level. The engineerING card promotes the mobility of highly skilled professionals and can be seen as a seal of quality for the engineering education.”

For a long time, the VDI has called on politicians to create an appropriate framework for the Europe-wide implementation of the engineerING card in the course of the forthcoming review of the EU Professional Qualifications Directive. The aim is to make a significant contribution to the urgently required simplification of the recognition of qualifications and facilitation of the mobility of engineers.



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