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Technical Division Sales Engineering and Product Management

Quelle: BMW AG (Picture: )
Quelle: BMW AG

The development of products is not an end in itself. Engineering in companies also includes defining, developing and manufacturing products in terms of customer needs, explaining them to the customers in a competent way and being in a position to sell and support them successfully.


The expectations of the customers are changing constantly. Engineers have to be flexible and adapt to new requirements – for example the trend towards coupling products with services.


The engineer in distribution, sales and marketing is active at the interface between market and technology. Besides excellent technical skills, some of the things required by the market orientation of this engineering activity are professional competencies in marketing, product planning, quotation processing, management of customer relations, distribution, sales and marketing management, sales technique and service in order to safeguard the sales success and the competitiveness of companies in dynamic globalized markets. To allow the engineer to be successfully active at this interface, the Technical Division Sales Engineering and Product Management helps him in his tasks by providing seminars, training courses (such as training to become a VDI sales engineer), conferences (such as the Sales and Marketing Conference) and VDI Standards.


The VDI Technical Division Sales Engineering and Product Management deals with the following topics at present:

  • After-Sales Service
  • Operative sales and marketing
  • Product management
  • Strategic sales and marketing
  • Technical documentation
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Sales and marketing management