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Technical Division Information Technology

Technical Division Information Technology

The influence of information technology on all areas of technology, business and society is causing completely new demands to be made on the engineering profession.
For this reason, the Technical Division Information Technology is devoted to this topic in an interdisciplinary approach. The object of analysis is application-oriented information technology. Its technical divisions are concerned with topics such as knowledge management, electronic collaboration, information processing in product development and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).

The work focuses on concentrating the wide range of IT topics and establishing new IT topics. Engineers are kept “up-to-date” at all times. The fields of application of information technology are presented to a specialist public in a time- and application-oriented way. This technical division closely coordinates its efforts with the other VDI technical divisions which handle special topics of information technology.




The VDI Technical Division Information Technology is currently dealing with the following topics:

• Knowledge Management in Engineering
• Knowledge-based Design
• Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES
• MES-AG Cost/Benefit Analysis
• MES-AG Logical Interfaces MES-Machine Level
• MES-AG Support of Company/Production Strategies