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Graduates Survey

Graduates Survey (Picture: Thomas Kölsch, pixelio.de)
Graduates Survey

The graduates survey is supported by the Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research and provides information on different facets of tertiary education as well as on the transition to the labor market. The present study surveys people who graduated in 2009.

The following topics are covered in the results:

  • course choice

  • extracurricular activities

  • evaluation of study programs

  • study options

  • subjects

  • vocational trainings

  • transition to the labor market

  • unemployment

  • freelance work

  • additional academic qualifications

  • internships

  • career paths

  • required competences

  • job search

  • expectations of professional future

  • personnel development

  • professional satisfaction

  • professional positions

  • temporary employment

  • employment according to branches

  • income

Full results in German language:

Ergebnisse der HIS-Absolventenbefragung

Link to the DZHW website (formerly HIS):

German Centre for Research on Higher Education and Science Studies