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German labor market for engineers (Picture: VDI)
German labor market for engineers

Observing the labor market

New labor market data available

Together with the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, the Association for German Engineers (VDI) observes the engineering labor market in Germany on a quarterly basis.

On a monthly average, there were 57,460 vacancies for engineers in industry-related positions vacant in the last quarter of 2014. Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering were mostly affected by labor shortages. Contrastingly, the unemployment rate among engineers is on a very low level .

Our quarterly report also features a regional perspective. Accordingly, most vacancies were located in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Hesse.

In comparison to other EU countries - Germany has the largest share of older engineers within its engineering workforce and will thus be affected by demographic issues within the coming years. Despite a rising number of graduates, Germany is still reliant on migration of skilled workers to fill these demographic gaps within the next years.

The full quarterly report in German language is available at


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