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VDI software for bolt calculation based on VDI 2230 Part 1

VDI software for bolt calculation based on VDI 2230 Part 1


The elaborate and delaying process of using a pocket calculator and having to consult tables, standards and guidelines is no longer necessary. Alternatives are calculated and presented in graphical form in seconds using multi-variant analysis. Results can therefore be rapidly analysed and documented. With the new VDI software for bolt calculation, you can save 80 % of the time normally required to undertake such calculations manually.


A tutorial program introduces the user to the software and provides a good overview of the functions of the user interface and how to do calculations. VDI software provides help in the form of a help text (lower left window) or in diagrammatic form (lower right window). In addition, the Hotline provides assistance with regard to specific questions or problems. 


Free demo version

To get a general idea of the features please get your free demo-version of the software at: mediaservice@beuth.de

VDI software „bolt calculation“ based on VDI 2230 Part 1Price (VAT included)
Single user698,00 €
Single user incl. Standard VDI 2230 Part 1 as PDF798,00 €

Network version: Please contact Beuth Verlag

Email: mediaservice@beuth.de

Phone: +49 30 2601-2668

Price on application
Standard VDI 2230 Part 1Price
Printed form249,-€
Electronic form (only by download at: www.mybeuth.de)249,-€