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About us

VDI - advisor for policy decision-makers

About us

Engineers are a driving force for social development. Their contribution to technological innovation is essential for achieving economic growth, creating new jobs, securing energy supply, sustaining natural resources and tackling the challenges associated with climate change.


As the voice of engineers in Germany and one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe, the VDI advocates public policies which provide a framework in which engineers can fully unfold their great potential for innovation. 


Thanks to the knowledge and experience of VDI’s over 150.000 members and the more than 12.000 experts, which are engaged in an honorary capacity, the VDI is recognized as an important advisor on policy issues. Key topics include energy, environment, transport, education and innovation as well as the education and promotion of young engineers.   


Via parliamentary events, policy statements, studies and in informal meetings with policy-makers, the VDI imparts knowledge about technical issues which is relevant to policy decisions and communicates positions which reflect the consensus among engineers. Its liaison offices in Berlin and Brussels are essential in fostering VDI’s contact to national and European political decision-makers.


The VDI-Technologiezentrum (VDI Technological Centre) based in Düsseldorf and the VDI/VDE-IT based in Berlin are active as project executing organisations on behalf of several Federal Ministries. They are well-established service providers and recognised advisors for policy decision makers in the area of application-oriented research promotion. The VDI, in cooperation with the Federal Environment Ministry, administers also the Berlin-based VDI Zentrum für Ressourcen Effizienz ZRE (VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency and Climate Protection). The ZRE informs in particular smaller and medium-sized companies about the economic benefits of applying resource-efficient processes.