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Early Career Engineers (ECE): Projects with ASME The Association of Mechanical Engineers

The ongoing initiatives of the Advanced Manufacturing Program and Industrie 4.0 led by the United States and Germany respectively were reviewed to identify areas for joint collaborative efforts and prepare human and industry for the technology and workforce demands of the future.

VDI is collaborating with the ASME The Association of Mechanical Engineers on a team project intended to obtain input from early career engineers (ECE). A collaborative team works out prospects for the future. The team will be given a broad scope; it defines the detailed "activity" by themselves.

The ECE is modeled after two previous team project, Leadership in Sustainability and Advanced Manufacturing. The team is also expected to make recommendations to VDI and ASME on other oppurtunities, such a conferences, workshops, educational outreach, and standards development. The topic in 2016: The Digial Engineer and The Changing Workplace. Team member get project- and intercultural experience, communication- and presentation skills, develop their English language skills and get new contacts and exchange of expertise in fields of the future. The project is funded by Reinhard Frank-Stiftung.

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