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The Regional Structure of the VDI is the result of a solid and supportive presence in Germany. It comprises 45 Local Chapters, more than 100 Local Groups and 15 Regional Chapters. In addition, technical information and contact exchange is carried out by more than 600 Working Groups. Equally important are the events conducted by the Regional Chapters. More than 5.000 events are conducted annually bringing about 200.000 participants who benefit from the technical know-how and valuable expert exchanges.


The Challenges of Globalization

New developments and innovations cannot be kept to single countries or continents. Indeed, as the strands of the global economy intertwine ever more tightly, the world now requires a more extensive exchange of technical knowledge and expertise on an international level. As a further result of globalization, scientists and engineers are often on the move. The VDI was quick to recognize these trends and has taken an active part in helping to shape the rapidly changing conditions in the field of engineering.

A Global Partner – the VDI International Network

More than 5600 VDI members today live and work abroad, representing about five percent of all VDI members. Considering the ongoing globalization their number will increase in the future. To better support the growing number of members abroad, the VDI is committed to expanding its worldwide network. On the other hand, the VDI wants to become more attractive to engineers from all over the world who, by joining the VDI, will benefit from its technical competence and its further opportunities.

VDI Chapters and International Partners

The primary links in this global network are formed by the various VDI Chapters internationally, as well as national and international partners. 9 VDI Chapters based in 11 cities all over the world organize conferences, seminars and social events. These are mainly targeted towards to VDI members living in a given area, but are open to all engineers who are interested in the latest developments in the VDI in particular or in the technical community in general.


The VDI has signed cooperation agreements with more than 39 engineering associations in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. These agreements express the explicit wish to cooperate across all boundaries, many of them furthermore contain clauses (reciprocal membership, visiting membership) that enable VDI members – during a stay in the partner’s country – to profit by the benefits. Members of these partner organizations will also receive many benefits from the VDI during their stay in Germany.


In addition to VDI chapters and other engineering organizations, the VDI collaborates with institutions – such as national and international chambers of commerce – that already have their own global network in place. Furthermore, the VDI Office Brussels not only coordinates all VDI activities that involve cooperation with the various bodies of the European Union but also runs the office of the European Young Engineers (EYE) – a young, dynamic European engineers association.



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