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VDI International Bionic Award

Conditions for participation

Submission deadline: February 29, 2016

Conditions for participation
  • The prize will be awarded for outstanding contribution by a team of young scientists and researchers or a single young scientist/researcher, for example for the development of a biomimetic product or for a doctoral thesis/post doctoral thesis
  • International submissions of detailed applications on the subject of biomimetics will be accepted. Copies of already published papers or reviews are not sufficient
  • The work has to be completed within the last two years before the deadline for submission of papers 
  • Only direct applications, made by a person or a team, will be accepted; those made by a third party are excluded
  • Each person may only submit one application as author or co-author. Multiple applications will not be accepted
  • The applicant or team members may not be older than 40 years. Applications from non-established team leaders are preferred
  • Legal recourse is excluded