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VDI Society Materials Engineering (VDI-GME)

VDI Society Materials Engineering (VDI-GME)

The principal aim of the work done in the VDI-GME is to network the relevant engineer competencies and disciplines in the field of all classes of materials such as plastics, metals, nanomaterials and composites in the best way possible throughout the entire engineering chain, thus constantly advancing the methods and technical processes underlying development. The basic elements here are the networking of materials and process technicians from various industrial sectors and the scientific field via the technical divisions of the VDI-GME and the targeted moderation of the discussion of current materials issues, which is of great industrial and social interest. The work of about 450 experts working on an honorary basis makes an essential contribution to technological further development and to improving the competitiveness of national industry.


The VDI-GME is also committed to representing the interests of its members towards political decision-makers, thus helping to prepare the ground for the targeted promotion of technological developments. As industry and research live from the quality of the next generation of experts, we also see our responsibility in making substantial contributions to the design of technical and university training programmes.