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International Cooperation

Bild: © Gerd Altmann/ PIXELIO (Picture: )
Bild: © Gerd Altmann/ PIXELIO

AFITE (Association Française des Ingénieurs et Techniciens de l´Environnement)
This is an association of French experts and engineers active in industrial environmental protection.

Associazione Termotecnica Italiana The ATI is an association of Italian engineers active in the field of thermotechnology. The VDI Society Energy und Environment cooperates with the ATI on the preparation and execution of the European Turbomachinery Conference.


Belgian Society of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering The BSMEE is a growing organization of academics, teachers, students, technicians, managers, suppliers, manufacturers and other experts active in the field of mechanics and environmental protection. The purpose of the BSMEE is the generation and dissemination of knowledge.




ETE Energiagazdálkodási Tudományos Egyesület (HU)


EFAEP (European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals)
Twelve organizations of engineers from 9 European countries formed this new federation in late 2002. Their common aim is to create a dense European network of environmental actors for the constant and timely exchange of information on environmentally relevant issues. For this purpose, four international working groups have taken up their work. Please see the web pages of the EFAEP for details. 


KU im DIN (DIN Environmental Protection Helpdesk (DIN/EPH)

The purpose of this body is to provide for the increased consideration of environmental issues on all levels of standardization. The VDI Society Energy and Environment cooperates in its advisory council.


TGU  (Czech Environmental Society) and

(Wroclaw Council of the Federation for Science and Technology Associations)
The purpose of cooperation between the VDI Society Energy and Environment and these two associations is to exchange information and give professional support for the implementation of joint projects in the border triangle Czech Republic – Germany (Saxony) and Poland (Lower Silesia). The environmental awareness of the population in these ecological regions is to be increased, for the environmental problems of today go beyond national borders and can only be mastered via cross-border cooperation.

VBU e.V. (Verband der Betriebsbeauftragten für Umweltschutz) (Association of Environmental Protection Officers)




The following engineers associations are partners of the VDI Society Energy and Environment in the preparation and execution of the European Turbomachinery Conference (www.euroturbo.org), which takes place in a different European country every two years:

• Association of Czech Mechanical Engineers (CZ)
• Associazione Termotecnica Italiana (I)
• Greek Technical Chambers (GR)
• Komited Problemow Energetyki P.A.N. (PL)
• Koninklijke Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging (B)
• Institution of Engineers in Ireland (IRL)
• Institution of Mechanical Engineers (GB)
• Norsk Forening for Termiske StrØmningsmaskiner (NFTS) (N)
• Österreichischer Ingenieur- und Architekten - Verein (A)
• Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands (Klvl) (NL)
• Société Française des Mécaniciens (F)
• Svenska Mekanisters Riksforbund (S)



The VDI Society Energy and Environment cooperates with the following engineers associations in the development of technical solutions and strategies for energy provision and emission reduction:

• The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA
• The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers
• The Norwegian Society of Engineers, NITO
• The Institution of Engineers (India)
• Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK)
• The Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers, TEK (Finland)
• Union of Professional Engineers, UIL (Finland)
• The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME (USA)
• The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, JSME
• APESMA (Australia)
• Engineers Ireland
• Federation of Scientific Engineering Unions in Bulgaria

EU project ProEcoPolyNet
Information on the EU project ProEcoPolyNet (Network for the Promotion of RTD results in the field of Eco-building technologies, small Polygeneration and renewable heating and cooling technologies for buildings) concluded in 2008 is to be found here. This page includes the following downloads on the subject: articles in the specialist energy magazine BWK, VDI brochures, best practice projects and a link to a database.