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Aims of the VDI Society Civil Engineering and Building Services

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Architects, civil engineers and engineers working in building services bear joint responsibility for creating a livable environment in the form of roads, bridges, infrastructure and, of course, buildings. In cooperation with facility management engineers, they are responsible for implementing resource-friendly construction and cost-efficient operation throughout the entire lifecycle. The new structure of the VDI in the Society Civil Engineering and Building Services provides an outstanding platform for jointly dealing with these subjects and bringing them to the attention of a wider public.

Engineers in these disciplines shape the world we live in!


As buildings account for 40% of the ultimate energy demand of the Federal Republic of Germany, all efforts are directed towards reducing the energy consumption considerably while ensuring usability. Safeguarding the quality of our buildings is considered to be one of the greatest challenges of all. No matter how individual and unique building designs may be, it is vital to increase efficiency in building construction and reduce the fault rate.


The focus is clearly on the building, but topics which were independent up to now are being developed further too, for example in the field of road construction and civil engineering.