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VDI Society Civil Engineering and Building Services (VDI-GBG)

VDI Coordination Group Building Information Modeling

The VDI Society Civil Engineering and Building Services (VDI-GBG) has formed a Coordination Group on “Building Information Modeling” (VDI BIM Coordination Group) in order to establish BIM in the German construction industry. The first meetings of the Coordination Group were held in late 2013. Professor Rasso Steinmann (Head of Institute iabi – Institute of Applied Building Informatics at Munich University) was elected as chairman.

The VDI BIM Coordination Group is made up of representatives from all disciplines embraced by the VDI-GBG (architecture, building physics, civil engineering, building services and facility management) as well as representatives from branch-specific organisations, associations and initiatives, representatives of the teaching profession, experts from software producers and engineering companies as well as building owner representatives and BIM experts from the construction industry. Currently the VDI relies on more than 80 experts who are dealing with the BIM issue in an honorary capacity.

The VDI assumes the task of providing the national normative framework.

During the first meetings, the VDI BIM Coordination Group specified its short- and medium-term goals and launched the implementation of these goals. Specific standardisation projects were identified and the pertinent working groups were founded, which took up their work in 2014. First draft standards will be available in 2016.

In this context, the VDI considers standardisation to be the most important brick in establishing BIM, enabling companies to take action and making them internationally competitive, and implementing new approaches to manage complex construction project.
Work on the first VDI BIM Standards has already begun. The draft standards are expected to be ratified by the respective committees in 2016.

In the first step, the VDI BIM Coordination Group identified the standardisation projects listed below. Upon approval of the standardisation projects by the Civil Engineering Advisory Council, the respective committees have taken up their work in 2014:

  • VDI 2552 Part 1 “BIM – Framework Standard”
  • VDI 2552 Part 2 “BIM – Terms and Definitions”
  • VDI 2552 Part 3 “BIM – Quantities/Controlling”
  • VDI 2552 Part 4 “BIM – Requirements regarding Data Exchange”
  • VDI 2552 Part 5 “BIM – Data Management”
  • VDI 2552 Part 6 “BIM – Requirements regarding Facility Management”
  • VDI 2552 Part 7 “BIM – Processes”
  • VDI 2552 Part 8 “BIM – Qualification”

The VDI standardisation process with respect to BIM will remain highly dynamic. Further issues are being prepared.

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