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2014: Engineers at a glance

Economic activity, mirgation, regional concentrations

2014: Engineers at a glance (Picture: VDI)
2014: Engineers at a glance

In 2011, around 1.66 million people with an engineering degree were working in Germany. Since 2005, the number of economically active engineers rose by 19 percent. The biggest increase was achieved by economically active persons aged 50 and older; their share rose by 40.3 percent. At the same time, the share of female engineers and the share engineers with foreign nationality grew by more than 30 percent each.


The report 2014 - Engineers at a Glance provides an overview of the most important facts regarding the German engineering labor market. It includes information regarding regional economic activity, regional education, research and development concentrations, migration of skilled engineers from foreign countries, studying abroad, and value creation through engineering.


The following link provides you with the full study in German language.


VDI-/IW-Studie 2014: Ingenieure auf einen Blick